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Get Involved in the IGMR

There are three ways you can help the IGMR learn more about billfish worldwide:


Sponsor an IGMR satellite tag

Individuals or teams can partner to sponsor a miniPAT for $4,500 USD which covers the price of the tag, ARGOS satellite time, and materials to leader the tag (IGFA receives no profit from tag sponsorhip). The tag that surfaces the furthest from the deployment site wins the race for the event.

Upcoming IGMR events:

  • Zane Grey International Billifsh Tournament | March 15-18, 2018 | Russell, New Zealand
  • Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Tournament | July 3-7, July 8-10, July 12-16, July 18-22 | Hamilton, Bermuda 3-7, July 8-10, July 12-16, July 18-22 | Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament | August 6-17, 2018 | Kona, Hawaii, USA
  • Master Angler Billfish Tournament | September 15-16, 2018 | Balboa, California, USA
  • Great Northern 32nd Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic | October 13-20, 2018 | Lizard Island, Australia
  • Tropicana Billfish Tournament | November 10-18, 2018 | Rabual, Papua New Guinea
  • SSFC Big Game Classic | November 24, 2018 | Victoria, Seychelles



Host or coordinate an IGMR tagging event

Do you know of an area that's famous for a hot billfish bite? Help us connect the IGMR with billfish locations worldwide. IGMR events often take place during fishing tournaments because collecting ample data requires sufficient angler participation in an areas of decent fishing. To host or coordinate an IGMR tagging event, at least five tag sponsorships must be secured in an area of decent fishing.

Many IGMR events provide additional incentives for winners (individuals or teams) of the IGMR event, like free entry to the next year’s tournament. The tag that tag travels the furthest of all in a given year will receive airfare and a ticket to be recognized at the annual IGFA International Auction & Banquet in Florida, USA next January. Check out the list of past IGMR event winners!


Make a gift to the IGMR

Contributions to the IGMR help support airfare for researchers and tagging equipment. A gift from you will help us dedicate more resources to billfish research.

Make a gift to support the IGMR

To discuss these or additional ways you would like to support the IGFA's billfish research, please contact IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser at [email protected] or IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell at [email protected]