Information Exchange

Scientists are learning more and more about the world’s aquatic habitats and the fish that inhabit them. At the same time, anglers are learning more and more about pursuing and catching fish. As a result, both scientists and anglers are great repositories of ichthyologic information. However, this information is of limited value as long as scientists only talk to scientists and anglers only talk to anglers. IGFA plays an active role in facilitating information exchange to bridge the gap between anglers and the scientific community so that both may benefit from the data developed by each group. 

One of the primary means of connecting scientists and anglers is through symposia that are specifically designed to achieve synthesis from both audiences. In September 1984 the IGFA sponsored the First World Angling Conference held in Cap d’Agde, France. This was the first conference devoted solely to recreational fisheries issues the brought together the angling and scientific community to discuss issues related to the sport. The conference was a huge success and attracted 251 registrants from 48 countries. It also laid the groundwork for what would become the World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC) series, which is the only conference series of its kind for the recreational fisheries sector, both freshwater and saltwater. The conference series target groups are representatives from NGOs, management agencies, the tackle trade business, angling tourism and multidisciplinary sciences. It highlights trends, recent findings and interesting experiences across continents and within the angling community.

In November, 2008 IGFA hosted the 5th WRFC at the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. The conference attracted over 200 participants from over 22 countries. A peer-reviewed proceedings from the conference is scheduled for publication in 2010. 

IGFA’s 60,000 square foot facility is a perfect venue for conferences, meetings and public workshops. In addition to the 2009 WRFC, IGFA has also hosted the International Bonefish and Tarpon Research Symposium in 2003 and 2009. Each year IGFA Headquarters plays host to numerous other events geared towards fisheries science and management. 


“What scales can IGFA certify for a potential record catch?"
IGFA can examine scales up to a 100 lb capacity. Scales that weigconh in excess of 100 lbs should be examined by your local state agency or a company that is licensed and accredited to certify and calibrate scale.”(more)


International Angling Rules
The following angling rules have been formulated by the International Game Fish Association to promote ethical and sporting angling practices, to establish uniform regulations for the compilation of world game fish records, and to provide basic angling guidelines.

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Catch Certificates
Got a catch you’re proud of, but isn’t quite big enough for a record? Now you can commemorate it w ith an IGFA Catch Certificate. IGFA now offers certificates for both fresh and salt water species and getting one couldn’t be easier.

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