Socioeconomic Resources

A number of studies have been done to learn more about the socioeconomic impacts of recreational fishing. These studies, commissioned by the International Game Fish Association and others, help inform our position statements and conservation projects worldwide.


The Benefits to Business from Hunting and Fishing Excise Taxes. Prepared by Southwick Associates and Andrew Loftus Consulting on behalf of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. February 2011.

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Analysis of the economic contribution of recreational and commercial fisheries to the Costa Rican economy. Prepared by Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias Economicas of Universidad de Costa Rica sponsored by the Billfish Foundation. May 2010.

The Economic Impact of Flats Fishing in the Bahamas. Tony Fedler, Ph.D. prepared for The Bahamian Flats Fishing Alliance. March 2010.

The Sunken Billions: The Economic Justification for Fisheries Reform. Produced by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank. 2009.

Domestic Economic Impacts of a CITES Appendix I Listing for Bluefin Tuna. Prepared by Gentner Consulting Group. September 2009.

The Economic Contributions of Anglers to the Los Cabos Economy. Produced by Southwick Associates, Inc., Nelson Resources Consulting, Inc. and FIRMUS Consulting on behalf of the Billfish Foundation.  August, 2008.

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Economic Analysis of International Billfish Markets. Prepared by Gentner Consulting Group for the International Game Fish Association. June 2007.

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Social and economic perspective on recreational billfish fisheries. Robert B. Ditton and John R. Stoll. First appeared in Marine and Freshwater Research, 2003, 54, 545-554.