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The sportsman who brings intelligence as well as a mere instinct to his endeavors universally becomes the conservationist – and the conservation of fishes is of equal importance to the scientist, the angler, the commercial fisherman, and the general public. Fish, like the waters of the sea themselves, are the common property of all the people of the earth.

- Philip Wylie, IGFA Vice President, year 1945



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IGFA Conservation News
The latest news on IGFA Conservation projects and issues facing recreational anglers worldwide.

IGFA Great Marlin Race
In partnership with Stanford University, the IGFA Great Marlin Race tags marlin during tournament events around the world.

This project is investigating the feasibility of using angler-reported data via an innovative iPhone app.

Florida Forage Fish
The IGFA is leading a campaign with Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, FWF, and Pew to adopt new measures for forage fish.

The Billfish Conservation Act
Passed into law in October 2012, this act effectively banned the importation of billfish into the continental United States.

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IGFA Conservation History
What is productive science? Learn more about the IGFA's long, rich history of game fish conservation.

IGFA Conservation Awards
Honoring those who have made significant contributions to game fish conservation.