Membership Benefits


1. WORLD RECORD GAME FISHES book. Over 400 pages of saltwater, freshwater and flyrod records, angling rules, state record program, feature articles, etc.

2. Subscription to International Angler publication.

3. Access to World Records online.

4. Special promotions and 10% off IGFA store merchandise.

5. IGFA Junior Angler World Record programs.

6. IGFA state freshwater line class records.

7. Regular updates on new world records.

8. List of official IGFA weigh stations.

9. IGFA Certified Captains & Guides Program.

10. Participation in IGFA's 10-Pound Bass Club.

11. Participation in IGFA's 25-Pound Snook Club

12. Participation in Grand Slam Clubs (inshore and offshore).

13. Invitations to fishing seminars, conferences and symposiums.

14. Invitations to IGFA world famous international auction & banquet.

15. Invitations to IGFA special events.

16. Reviews of new books and videos.

17. Access to IGFA's E. K. Harry Library of Fishes.

18. Listing of all IGFA rules and regulations with updates.

19. Assistance through IGFA representatives worldwide.

20. Phone-in service for information on world records, including all pending applications.

21. Line testing and scale testing service.

22. Information on fishing areas and facilities.

23. Reports of new species and line classes added for IGFA recognition.

24. Scientific information on more than 10,000 species of game fish.

25. Discounts on charters, lodges, clothing, and more.

26. Promotion of better fishery management and conservation.

27. Tax deductible to the extent allowed by law


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